Carole Leonard



after 20 years wear












after 17 years wear











after 25 years wear

silver, steel

& 22ct gold ring











22ct gold & steel ring











silver, steel, copper

& jet  ring

starting point                                                                                        work in progress

       the maker                                                                                                       the wearer

the way a ring changes

will depend on:


- the materials used


- the lifestyle of the wearer


- body chemistry


- the length of time worn

I start the making process, the wearer takes over as the ring leaves the workshop.  Body chemistry and daily circumstance differ so the ring will becoming increasingly individual to the person who wears it.  

This process of wear is two way, a constantly worn ring leaves an imprint on the finger, the muscle is displaced and the skin is affected by being covered.  

Surface pattern softens with constant wear and will eventually disappear.  Some materials are affected by acidity others by the physical wear, rings combining a variety of materials result in the pattern increasing rather than decreasing with time.