Carole Leonard


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SS08. 38cm necklace

(1.7mm 18ct. snake chain)

damascus steel 50x10mm.

moonstone 20x7mm.


SS10. damascus steel bangle - inside diameter 65mm

(18ct. binding + edge)                               £220

sale Iron gold broochadj

SS13. double pin brooch

wrought iron (18ct)

height 27mm - width 20mm


50-50 dam steel-silver dam ring Dam+moon_edited s dam stripe Silver-dam steel-moon s Dam steel-silver-moon s

SSR02.  size - P  width - 10mm

damascus steel (22 ct.) £120

SSR06. size -  R1/2      

damascus steel (18 ct.)  

moonstone         width - 5mm


SSR07. size - P  

damascus steel (18ct.setting)


width  8mm front - 5mm back


SSR04. size - Q  width - 9mm

damascus steel                  £50

SSR05. size -  T 1/2  width - 7mm

damascus steel (18ct.)     £180

Knife grade stainless Damascus steel from Devin Thomas USA.

The pattern is right through the metal so it will not be worn away but become stronger with wear.

These pieces are not hallmarked as base metal is used, the silver and gold can only be described as white metal and yellow metal even though high purities of gold and silver are used.